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Danger Muffs is a one stop shop for high quality, bespoke custom Fuzz pedals. "Custom as Standard" and as unique as the musician that plays it.

Check out our "Which Fuzz 4 U" page for some tips on which Fuzz House and Circuit best suit your musical needs.

If you like a bit of fluff in your Fuzz and some cream in your Pi you've come to the right place.

Danger Muff Custom Guitar Pedal

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Limited Time Offer

Pedal & T-Shirt

For a limited time, if you treat yourself to a Danger Muff Pedal and T-Shirt, you’ll save £13…Whats not to Love!

Danger Muff Worldwide Shipping
Worldwide Shipping

We ship our Danger Muffs to any corner of the World.

Danger Muff Best Quality
Best Quality

Each Danger Muff is hand made and hand tested to ensure the highest quality.

Danger Muff Best Prices
Best Offers

We have regular sales throughout the year for those pedal enthusiasts who love a bargain.

Danger Muff Secure Payments
Secure Payments

Payments are accepted via PayPal to ensure security for our customers.

coming soon!

Danger Muff Baseball Caps

Ready to face the day with your Danger Muff T-Shirt, but still feel there is something missing….well look no further!
What better way to continue sharing Danger Muff with the world, but with your very own DM Baseball Cap. 

Warning: Can enhance your style and all round coolness to a degree you may not be prepared for.

Danger Muff Baseball Caps will be available in time for Christmas
...Watch this space!

Purple Danger Muff Cap
Black Danger Muff Cap