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Who We Are

Danger Muff is a family business where all members share the passions and dedication to building the finest fuzz pedals that look and sound as unique as the musician playing them.

The idea for the customer pedals came to me after I took receipt of a custom one-off guitar from mad genius – Ragh Guitar – The ‘Dangercaster
It included:

  • Prince (Tele body with Mad Cat plate)
  • Keef Richards “Micawber” inspired pickups
  • Purpleheart fretboard with yin/yang inlays
  • Thinline “f” hole
  • Vintage XL headstock
  • Skull knobs just for kicks
  • …All finished in glorious Purple

I’ve been a long time user and abuser of the EHX Big Muff family and decided I wanted a sound, look and finish to compliment the Dangercaster so I decided to make my own pedal – the Danger Muff

The prototype Danger Muff is a 1990’s ‘Green Russian’ inspired fuzz circuit, housed in a Mini Big Muff sized body, I wanted to have something bigger than the standard Nano Muff body that is so common on so many pedalboards, but not as big as the original ‘BIG’ Big Muff Pi box. As with the Dangercaster I decided to finish the Danger Muff prototype in glorious Purple.

Our aim at Danger Muff is simple… the fuzz sound you want*, the pedal size and look you want*, all created using the best quality components.

*All customisation options are available through product picker drop-downs however if there is something missing that you would like to add just drop us an email and we’ll always see what we can do to accommodate.

Danger Muff Custom Guitar Pedal

Our Team

There is a small team working at Danger Muff HQ, who are dedicated to putting the Fizz in your Fuzz:

Johnny D - Muff Master

Johnny D.

Muff Master

Sharon - IT/Designer



Lin - Photographer/Art



Robbie O'D - Musical Creativity

Robbie O'D

Musical Creativity

Andrew C - Director of Noise

Andrew C.

Director of Noise

Danger Muff Worldwide Shipping
Worldwide Shipping

We ship our Danger Muffs to any corner of the World.

Danger Muff Best Quality
Best Quality

Each Danger Muff is hand made and hand tested to ensure the highest quality.

Danger Muff Best Prices
Best Offers

We have regular sales throughout the year for those pedal enthusiasts who love a bargain.

Danger Muff Secure Payments
Secure Payments

Payments are accepted via PayPal to ensure security for our customers.