Danger Muff Pedal – Pumpkin Pi Circuit


Billy Corgan had a Siamese Dream about this pedal circuit.


Based on the 1977 op-amp fuzz, the Pumpkin Pi is mostly associated with the fuzz tone on the Smashing ¬†Pumpkins “Siamese Dream” album but the pedal is capable of so much more.The velcro-like, fuzz tone is perfect for monstrous chords and cutting and full lead tones. Dialing back the gain will give you a little more control for warm and sweet lead tones.

The sound of this pedal shaped your old uncle Dangermuff’s youth and that’s probably a good age giveaway!


  • Controls: Volume, Sustain, Tone
  • True bypass, analog circuitry
  • Power: 9V Battery / 9V Adapter


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