Which Fuzz 4 U

choosing the right Fuzz for you

‘Which Fuzz 4 U‘ provides you with all the information to help you choose the correct Danger Muff pedal for you.

Danger Muff Custom Guitar Pedal
Danger Muff Nano with Friends

1. Choose Your Fuzz House

We have 2 pedal enclosures to choose from. The standard pedal (top image).
…And for those of you struggling for space on your pedal board, or just prefer a slim line appearance, we have the Nano Danger Muff (pictured hanging out with some close friends). Both pedals come with knobs for ‘Volume’, ‘Tone’ and ‘Danger (Sustain)’ as standard. 

However as can be seen on the Nano Danger Muff, additional knobs can be added. If you need something other than the standard design, please message us and we will accomodate your needs as best we can….we love Happy Customers in the Dangerzone!

  • Danger Muff pedal (Dimensions: 120 x  95 x 35mm)
  • Nano Danger Muff (Dimensions: 112 x 31 x 60mm) 

2. Choose Your Fuzz Circuit

There are 4 circuits to choose from for your Custom Pedal. Details for each of the circuits can be found on the individual product pages below. The product pages contain demos of the pedals:

Alternatively visit our Danger Muff YouTube channel, which is home for all the demos of our pedals. Please subscribe to our channel to keep up to date with the latest news from the Dangerzone!